Review: Gattaca

That's Vincent. Oh Wait, shh you're not supposed to know that!

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Gattaca is set in a dystopian future style world, where your death is predicted as soon as you are born. When Vincent Freeman is born (played by Training Day star Ethan Hawke) you see a nurse print out and read off a list of the probabilities of him contracting various diseases, and you hear about a heart condition that gives him only a 1% chance of surviving past 30. Job applications are similar, from a single drop of blood down to even just a handshake they can find out everything about you, which makes it (almost) impossible for disadvantaged Vincent to get the job he always dreamed of and go to space, with the company Gattaca.

But Vincent does not simply give up, he gets into contact with an underground sort of matchmaker, who finds a partner whom he can disguise as. The partner in question is genetically perfect Jerome Morrow (played awesome-ly by Jude Law) who just so happens to have become crippled and is now selling his perfect genetic identity to someone who’s looking for it, which is Vincent. But wait! The plot thickens! Some guy got murdered (apparently with a keyboard) and the prime suspect is the now forgotten Vincent, who comes from Ethan’s Jerome’s eyelash, because he forgot to swap eyelashes with Jude’s Jerome. It’s hard to describe in words, but it’s plenty easier to understand if you watch the film.

Oh and Vince has a genetically perfect brother. Who turns out to b-, no I won’t spoil it.

Anyway. The film isn’t too complex, but definitely has a lot of plot twists and connections which make it better than your average sci-fi style film, and an interesting film which is worth seeing. I don’t want to reveal too much (even though the film was released in 97) because it’s definitely something you should watch and find out about for yourself.

The acting by Ethan was good. Just good. To be fair his character wasn’t especially interesting aside from having a (slightly clichéd) dream of being something his disadvantages will not let him. Jude Law in my opinion was the standout of the film, his acting was pretty great, though I think characters in wheelchairs are always more interesting… who doesn’t? Uma Thurman plays some (pretty much) arbitrary woman who Ethan gets it on with… well she is kind of understanding of Ethan, especially as she has a similar heart condition (which isn’t as serious as his).


He looks familiar. Is he the guy from L.A. Confidential?

Two things (as well as Jude Law) stood out in this film: the setting and the tension. The latter is obviously going to be present in the film, because the main man Vince is undercover as someone else in an elite company whilst under a strict search by the police investigating a murder. The setting is kind of also necessary for the film, because we can’t read a person’s full history like a web browser from a single piece of dead skin or drop of saliva. But the film handled it’s futuristic setting in a unique way, and the goldish brown filter that appeared to be apparent throughout made it look kind of noiry and provided a cool atmosphere, and emphasized on the bleakness of a world which is under strict control. And the cars, which are all electric, make a delightful whirring noise.

Overall this is a great film, worth renting or buying if you have enough money. So I’m going to give it 8 Cillian Murphys out of 10.


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