Review: Inception

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As soon as I saw this film appear on my TV, I knew that it was the film to watch, and hoping that Christopher Nolan (Director) delivered, I watched it. I’d figured that Nolan would Deliver to me and the masses, a great film, because after all he did direct Batman Begins and the Dark knight, so it was going to have some element of badassness.

"Dream a little bigger darling" - Eames

Leonardo DiCaprio Who plays Dom Cobb, absolutely knows his way around his character, and executes his role as a Secret Mind thief perfectly. Playing as Dom Cobb he has to successfully infiltrate a persons mind, plant an idea, and get out alive, with a rag-tag group while also having to fight his own secret battle within himself. Unfortunately being a Mind thief comes with its downsides, and for Cobb this meant losing his everything he ever loved, but now a business man has offered him one last chance at redemption, that could return his life. But this isn’t what he is used to, instead of taking a something from someones mind, instead he has to plant something in someones mind, which according to the film is impossible. No doubt that Leo will carry on to make excellent (Maybe even better) films during the future, which I hope to see and write a review on.

Ellen page Who plays Ariadne, starts of in the film as an architecture student who meets Cobb through her teacher. Cobb needs her to design the levels of the Dreams of his elaborate plan, because after all, someone has to make the dream up. Throughout the film she is the only person initially that Cobb reveals his dark secret. Well He didn’t exactly reveal it, she just jumped into his mind and he HAD to tell her. After her great performance in the film, she definitely  has a good career ahead of her if she keeps up the work.

Ken Watanabe who plays Saito, is the owner of a powerful corporation, with wealth beyond your wildest dreams (Pun intended). He believes that to rise as the sole leader, he must first get exploit his rivals relationship with his father to get him to dissolve the company, leaving him in his own league. When they team are going into the ‘levels’ he states that he is around just to see if the job is done and actually doesn’t have any useful applications, which leads to his fate near the end of the film, Which I won’t talk about.

Tom Hardy who plays the character Eames, turns out to clash with Arthur, which i find to be quite annoying as he constantly picks on him. Hardy is the Teams Forger and makes documents and such to get through certain places. In the dream world, he is a shape-shifter, after observing a target for a while, he is able to assume the identity of them which can have its obvious uses. He is also noted for coming out with a great quote during a fight scene between the Team and the Mind Army.

Joseph Gordon-Levitt plays Arthur, who seems to be acquainted with Cobb, is the Teams Info Guy. He is there to find out about everything to do with the mark. From their best friends and schooling, and more importantly, if they have any experience with dreams. It is also worth noting that the reason why Arthur and Eames conflict, is because they represent the left & right side of the brain. Arthur is Left side, which is the logical side, leading him to deal with problems systematically, rationally. While on the other hand Eames is the Creative right side of the brain, which may lead him into trouble but creativity is very useful in dreams considering the amount of creativeness to exploit ideas withing the dream to your working.

how confused are you right now?

Lastly there is Cillian Murphy Who plays as Robert Fischer, the Other soon to be owner of the rival corporation to Saito. Not sure how to portray how Cillian goes about playing his character, since he hardly ever changes his facial expression. When the team infiltrate his mind, It appears Arthur makes a vital mistake, that Robert has experience with Dream infiltration and has had his mind trained to withstand Infiltration attacks, which inevitably causes immediate problems for the Team on the first level on the dream, not to mention the third level where they meet an entire fortress (armed with tracked hummers and machine guns)

The film is structured quite well, although you may have to watch it twice to get the grasp of the entire thing, all the characters fit their roles perfectly even is Saito is pretty useless throughout the film. Certain aspects of the film may have to be explained, such as these ‘levels’ which are the levels of dreaming, leading to have dreams inside dreams (getting confused yet?) and that 5 minutes withing the real world is 1 hour in a dream, so deeper levels allow for longer times in the dream, with shorter times in the real world, allowing for more time to complete the mission. Honestly everything in the film is actually explained pretty clearly, its just that its a lot to take in leading you to be confused because you where trying to comprehend the other thing that happened. To sum up the plot quickly, Dom Gets offered a job by Saito, which then leads him to assemble a team, then leading him to enter Roberts mind, just to plant an idea in one persons mind. Sounds like a bit of a task huh?

Not for Leo and his Crew.

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