News: Hating on The Oscars


I've come to the conclusion that if you own one of these you are probably a member of the Illuminati.

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Okay so I’m not much for award show business, let alone the biggest of them all, but I still incessantly get annoyed by who gets nominated and who doesn’t. Here’s some things that annoyed me, and more than likely annoyed others.

Best Picture:

– First off, The Town more than deserves a nomination. It was probably my favorite film of 2010, and I can’t comprehend how 127 hours and Toy Story 3 got in there ahead of it, especially considering that’s an animated film, which are usually looked down on by the academy, but I don’t care. The animation film revolution can wait until live action films are all Fred: The Movie standard, which hopefully, is NEVER.

– ‘The kids are alright’… just no.

Original Scores

Tron Legacy (Daft Punk) got nothing. Come on. That was the best thing in film soundtracks to happen all this year (maybe aside from Trent Reznor scoring The Social Network). Derezzed and Solar Sailer are just two examples of excellent music tracks that were put into the film, and suited it in every way possible.


You messed with the wrong dudes, Academy.

Visual Effects

Why isn’t Tron Legacy here? I understand it wasn’t that great a film, but 2010 was a pretty barren year in terms of amazing looking films, and Tron was one of the ones that actually seemed to look unique and put effort into it’s Direction, which is another category this film should have been nominated for.

– Iron Man 2? Really? The only thing that ruined the classic fight scene between Tony and Rhodey was the abismal CGI, and War Machine didn’t exactly have an impressive design, it’s like they made Iron Man chrome and stuck a minigun on his shoulder and said: ‘Yep, there you go, War Machine!’

Foreign Language Film

– I don’t know if they accept eastern films, but I saw a Devil was absolutely worthy of a nomination.

Ok. I think that’s most of the important points covered, now it’s just a matter of time before The King’s Speech goes and sweeps them all up just because the queen liked it.


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