News: Super-hero film remakes

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You were good in The Social Network, but please don't mess this up.

I’m noticing a trend in these super-hero remakes/reboots. And that’s that they all have extensions to their titles, usually in style of the original comic names. For instance, Ang Lee’s ‘Hulk’, was titled simply that, whereas the remake that starred the acclaimed Ed Norton was labelled ‘The Incredible Hulk’. And now, two of the latest in the line of superhero films have gotten official titles, The Amazing Spider-man and Superman: Man of Steel.

The last couple of Spider-man films, ‘Spider-man’, ‘Spider-man 2’ and, yes you guessed it, ‘Spider-man 3’ had the basic simple superhero name along with a suffixed number to show the chronology, apparently no-one liked this (because there sure as hell was nothing wrong with the films, except maybe the thrid, which itself gets knocked a little too much) so they decided to give the films a full name.

Same goes for the previous Superman films, the original series of them starring Christopher Reeve (R.I.P) as well as the latest one were also simply know as ‘Superman’ (Superman 2, Superman Returns etc.) but now the latest reboot has a an elongated title taken from the original comics, and is called Superman: Man of Steel.

I’m not sure what this means. I doubt it means anything, actually, but I just saw this pattern and it interested me, and despite all this strangeness, i’m looking forward to every upcoming Superhero film… except ‘The Green Lantern’, because why?

Sorry Ed, I wish you got into The Avengers.


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