Review: TRON Legacy

Dear Santa...

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Ah TRON Legacy, this film is obviously a step (a Giant one at that) up from the original TRON and with tons of CGI it should be. They did more than likely spend loads of money on their CGI to make the scenes look really pretty, which is what you’d expect from a movie set Inside a computer.

The film is about a young child, who hears stories from his father, about entering a digital world with unbelievable images planted in his mind. But, 7-year-old Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) is about to have a bad surprise, his father Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) has left him, or has he? Now 20 years later after receiving a page from what seems to be an old arcade, Sam picks up the search for his father, and while he does, he enters… THE GRID, and from there he partakes in the journey of his life, riding bikes that leave a deadly trail of death, to fighting with throw-able discs. what makes this better was that it’s in 3D! OH YEAH! Although the 3D scenes were not numerous when they were there, they were awesome.

As I stated before, this is a giant step up from the First TRON, everything is upgraded, I heard that pretty much everyday of filming they did, they did a week of CGI-stuff, which really shows how much they went overboard with this. The suits look more futuristic and digital, one large notable feature is that in the light bike scene, the bikes don’t turn at right angles which makes it whole worlds realistic, another feature is CGI Jeff Bridges, who looked pretty good. They also had these sweet looking suits which used LEDs and were so effective in changing the look of the person (along with the make-up and what not) that when Olivia Wilde turned up as herself after 2 months, she was stopped by a guard who asked for ID, now that is some serious dedication on the part of the make-up team. Also the fact that each of the suits cost around $60,000 would probably add to the effectiveness of the suits because they cost so damn much.

The guys who made the awesome music

Great acting by Garrett Hedlund who seems to be quite new to the film business (or at least new to big-budget films) and has made a great impression which may further his career, and I hope to see him in future films. Jeff Bridges is a seasoned actor and plays his part exceptionally well, and voice acted pretty good also. Olivia Wilde is quite stunning in the film and plays Quorra Who is the sort of personal guardian of Kevin while he is stuck in the Grid.

One thing that I must touch on is the music, which is all done by Daft punk is executed in-film awesomely and the music they created fits perfectly, adding to the intensity of the film grabbing the viewer and pulling them deeper blurring the line between reality and cyberspace. You can also see them during a fight scene in a club, you will notice them as they are the DJ’s and the camera focuses on them a couple of times. I give this film 9 Quorras out of 10.


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