Review: Goodfellas

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"Ya'll gettin' whacked."

This film should need no introduction. I’ll admit that the first time I tried watching it I was so full of hate for boring mafia films that I just switched it off halfway through and didn’t care for it at all. But this time round I watched it and applied myself a little more and found it to be very good. I shouldn’t really have to describe it, but it follows a young boy who works his way up through the mafia and everything that happens in between and after. Pretty simple actually.

So the best acting in the film goes to De Niro. His character is played masterfully, and seems to be the only one that doesn’t get messed up that much during the film, but he handled the well respected character well. Ray Liotta was great too, and I especially loved how he acted as his cocaine addiction procedurally got worse. Joe Pecsi was just annoying, and I hated his character so damn much but I suppose that’s a good thing really.

Directing was frigging awesome. Martin Scorcese directed so it’s more than likely going to be good, and his use of music as usual was great, and his usual application of 70’s rock music goes so well with the film. The best sequence has to be where several dead bodies are found following a heist in several different locations whilst the outro to Clapton’s ‘Layla’ is playing in the background. Extremely awesome scene and it shows why Scorcese is one of the best when it comes to gangster/mafia films.

Other than the directing and story coming together so well, there is little else of note in the film. It’s not really a bad thing whatsoever, because the two really don’t drop your attention for one second. There’s no especially outstanding shots aside from the zoom into De Niro smoking scene that everyone knows about. And as I’ve said I really am not a big fan of mafia films, and the whole concept just tends to bore me, I don’t know why, but this film did extremely well in holding my attention despite my position on the ‘genre’. Anyway this is only a short review because everyone in the world has seen this film and I just felt like writing about it now I’ve properly watched it. I’ll have to give it an 8 out of 10.



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