Films like: Oldboy

Oh Dae-Su doing some damage.

You might think there are no films quite like Oldboy, but you’d be wrong. Here’s some similar films that you should enjoy just as much as you enjoyed Oldboy, and perhaps help you discover more about South Korean films.


I feel sorry for whoever messed with this guy.

  • A Bittersweet Life – Another flipping fantastic film that’s very similar to Oldboy. It has outstanding fight scenes that can match those of Oldboy and many great characters, I personally found it much easier to follow too, I say that if you loved Oldboy, you will definitely love this film. It also stars Byung-Hun Lee, one of the greatest actors in Korean film.


Have knife, Mean business.

  • The Man from Nowhere – This film is a more recent example, and it’s not quite as great as Oldboy and my first suggestion, but it does have many great action scenes, and a similar story focusing on revenge, and the main character is great, he’s dark and mysterious, and very likable. Won Bin takes the lead role here, and does a stellar job. Another highly recommended film if you liked Oldboy.


The scene this shot's from is masterful.

  • Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance – This one is directed Park Chan-Wook, the same guy that did Oldboy, both of which are part of his aptly named ‘vengeance’ series, all of which are funnily enough about revenge. So although this one goes without saying, I should mention that one of the lead roles is taken by Song Kang-ho, another great great South Korean actor. There is another film in the series, ‘Sympathy for Lady Vengeance‘, which I have reviewed (click the link) and it wasn’t as good as the other two in the series


Watch where you're pointing that!

  • Taken – Okay, this is a departure from the previous few, this is one you probably have heard, but it’s worth a mention. Liam Neeson, middle-aged action hero, stars in this revenge film. There are some top notch action scenes as well as great dialogue and slick directing. If you liked Oldboy but didn’t like some of the over-the-top stuff in it, you’re bound to like this. And if you didn’t mind the over-the-top stuff from Oldboy, you’ll still like this.


Smooth criminal.

  • I Saw the Devil – First off, this is a very violent film. Just sayin’. It’s another South Korean revenge based film, and stars Min-Sik Choi (our favorite hero from Oldboy) now in an antagonist role of a serial killer, and also stars Byung-Hun lee as the protagonist. This is a great combination, two of the greatest living Korean actors brought together in this revenge film on an epic scale, it’s really engaging, and there are lots of twists and cool action scenes, lots of which are violent. Highly recommended.

Hope you found this article helpful! If you have any other suggestions feel free to share them.


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