Review: Season of the Witch

Looks like Nick is going to be slicing some witches

Season of the witch, a film about a witch, but you probably guessed that. At first glance this film looks like a medieval set film, guys with swords slaying every bad thing, and in essence, it is that, but then it goes and throws a twist in which will keep you glued to the chair until you see everything. I'll give it 7 cages out of 10.

The film is about a 14th Century Crusader Knight called Behmen (played by Nicolas Cage), who after Deserting the Church in light of horror of what the armies were doing, stumbles across a small town with his friend Felson (played by Ron Perlman), and after the townsfolk learn of their desertion, they are offered a chance of one last service to the Church, forgiving them of their sins of breaking their pledge. They accept.

The Good:

  • The action/fight scenes were good, despite being the usual hack and slash style sword scenes.
  • The effects in the film were good, which you might notice towards the end of the film.
  • The film keeps up tension, especially during fighting and action.

The Bad:

  • The Lack of music. Music is there to add atmosphere which isn’t too prevalent throughout the film.
  • Very gory. The amount of mangled dead people is ridiculous and there was lots of close ups which just seemed unnecessary.
  • The acting wasn’t that great. While there were some parts that were decent, it just switched to Hacking and slashing mythical things apart.

If you're kissing that for luck, you might want to kiss it a hundred times more.

Similar films to Season of the Witch: Robin Hood (2010) and The Sorcerers Apprentice (2010).


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