Review: The Book of Eli

Mila Kunis

Hey why are the letters E, L and... OH, I see what they did there!

When I first saw this, It immediately caught my eye, mainly because I have a love for Apocalyptic films. It's characters are acted well and has everything that you would expect for an Apocalyptic film. Guns, Knives and Cannibals, it's all there and presented in a unique and refreshing way. 8 machetes out of 10.

The film is set what seems like 30 years after a Nuclear Holocaust wiped out the world. A man Named Eli (played by Denzel Washington) has been Traversing North America for them 30 years, carrying a special book that holds the secrets to the salvation of Mankind. He has to survive by Scavenging what he can from vehicles and abandoned houses and trading that for Water, food and whatever else he needs. He eventually Stumbles across a small town lead by a gangster style guy named Carnegie (played by Gary Oldman) who happens to be in search for a book.

The Good:

  • Denzel Washington plays his character, Eli, the main protagonist, perfectly. Making him seem more human and realistic, and putting emotion into the character.
  • The film’s style is unique and detailed, which adds to the atmosphere and the feeling of a post apocalyptic world.
  • The fight scenes are awesome. Eli is a good fighter, let’s put it that way.
  • The ending was also good, fitting with the film, although it could maybe have been more climactic.

The Bad:

  • Eli is unrealistically powerful, and is constantly getting lucky throughout, which makes it less interesting, which can get boring.
  • It could probably have been a little more climactic.
Grabbin' boots

After seeing a dead guy hanging: "Oh man, some boots!"

Similar films to The Book of Eli: The Road (2009) & Resident Evil: Afterlife (2010).


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