Review: The Fighter

"What's this machine on my shoulder!?"

The fighter is a great film. Music and good acting couple with the stylish and modern directing to make this a must see film for both people who know nothing about boxing and those that are interested in it. I give it 8 Mark Wahlberg biceps out of 10.

The Good:

  • Christian Bale‘s acting. He is amazing in his role and puts on the most unique and outstanding performance in a long time.
  • The music is all brilliantly chosen, and the editing goes with these choices to make some really memorable scenes, and make the film stand out from the rest.
  • The story would seem to be average and uninspired at first, but it’s actually very involving and makes you want to watch.
  • Dialogue. Mickey’s (Mark Wahlberg) sisters especially made me raging mad at their trailer trash stupidity, and characters act almost too much like you’d expect, which turns out to be a good thing in the long run.
  • Settings and shots are vibrant and well done, lighting is handled well, making the film feel natural.

The Bad:

  • Mark Wahlberg’s acting is not too consistent, although for the most part he does a good job, without being to awkward.
  • I didn’t find the ending fight to be as climactic as it could have been.

All in all the film was felt full and was very fun to watch. Though some scenes lacked in emotion and it didn’t feel as inspiring as it could, it was still a great film, and definitely worth seeing. Christian Bale’s acting in this film is downright amazing, and If he gets snubbed on an Oscar for supporting role I’m going to set someone on fire.

Similar films to The Fighter: Rocky, Million Dollar Baby, The Wrestler, Raging Bull


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