Review: Sacrifice (2011)

Cuba don't like Canada.

Sacrifice gets off on a bad start, due to bad editing, music and some actors, but eventually it pulls off and gets pretty good. Much of this is thanks to the great performances by Cuba Gooding Jr. and Christian Slater. If you're a fan of either and have little else I'd say it's worth a watch, but I don't think everyone will enjoy it as much as I did. I give it 6 Cuba's out of 10.

A tough undercover cop inadvertently gets involved in a dangerous heroin ring when a young defector of the drug trade leaves his five year-old sister in his care.

The Good:

  • Very good acting by Cuba and Slater on the whole, and I found their roles to suit them pretty well.
  • Lots of the time the music goes well with the film, especially in the second half.
  • Underneath the mess of bad directing/editing and hampering actors there is a decent story and some pretty neat ideas.
  • The shootout scenes. I found them quite entertaining.

The Bad:

  • Some downright terrible acting in this film. I’m not joking, it is a huge put off, especially on the numerous times the film actually seems to be getting better.
  • Some pretty bad directing, editing and pacing hamper the story greatly and prevent the film from being actually good, and make some scenes seem awkward and silly.
  • Characters aren’t fleshed out as well as they could be, and I would have liked to see more backstory to some of them even just hinted to in their dialogue.
  • Flashback scenes that are supposed to be a major part of the film were handled pretty badly.

Overall this film is just about watchable, but bear in mind that’s just my opinion, and if it’s just about there, you might not feel the same way at all. If you enjoyed Cuba Gooding Jr’s previous films (not Snowdogs) then you might feel like sticking around to see this film to it’s end, and I suppose the same can be said for Christian Slater, though the only role I remember him in was being the interviewer in Interview With the Vampire. This isn’t worth full price at all though, but it might justify a rent, even if just for when Cuba wields a shotgun in a church like the Terminator.

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