Top Ten: Food to eat at the cinema

What did you expect?

Going to the cinema and not buying food before you go in just isn’t right. It’s one of the highlights of going to the cinema, but unfortunately buying food directly from the cinema, no matter how good (and convenient) it may be, it’s always money intensive. So you find yourself going to the nearest supermarket to see what you can buy and sneak in, but what do you choose? Here’s my top ten:

10. Just buy some damn popcorn.

Why waste time going elsewhere for cinema food? Just buy it from the cinema, like a normal person. Okay, it can cost a lot of money, on top of rising ticket prices, but it’s usually really nice, and generally perfect for watching a film with (unless you live in Latvia) and thats not to mention it does usually come in ridiculous amounts that seem to never end, so if you have the money, go ahead.

What? -No these are genuine!

9. Off-brand bags of sweets

If you’re looking to save money on buying premium cinema popcorn then why not go the whole way and just buy some off brand sweets. They might not be good quality, but you can probably buy a bunch of them, and there’s bound to be a wide variety where-ever you go. Besides i’m pretty sure it’s illegal to build a cinema without a supermarket within a 100m radius.


Only £54.76 at your local cinema.

8. Cinema Hot Dogs

This cinema food item will undoubtedly cost almost twice as little as a bucket of popcorn, and is probably more filling and healthy in the long run. It might not be as fun as sweets, but it’s a very sensible option, and just like popcorn has the added convenience of being available right next to your screen, just in case you’re going to be late. Oh and on top of all this i’m pretty sure it’s the only hot food you’d be able to get into a cinema unless you’re crazy and hide a pizza up your sleeve.

Life's full of hard decisions.

7. (Cinema) Pick N’ Mix


6. Supermarket Pick N’ Mix

No doubt the most fun option, who doesn’t love accidentally picking too many of one sweet only to realize you don’t like them… and then trying to haggle with a friend to trade. However fun it may be, this probably takes the longest, even if you buy it directly from the cinema, especially if you’re picky. Oh and did I forget to mention it costs a bomb? Seriously, once the fun has worn off, you’ll realize how little you got for your money, and be wanting to leave the screen halfway through to buy something else. P.S. Any British readers remember Woolworth’s pick n mix?… that was the best!

Average cup of Coke purchased from a cinema

5. Just a Coke™ please

If you have no time, and no money, then I call tell you through experience it’s better to be hungry than thristy, you’re more than likely going to eat properly after the film anyway. Buying drinks from cinemas is usually expensive, again, but you always get a huge cup anyway. Just don’t settle for Pepsi rubbish.

Are those liquorice wheels?

4. Ice Cream

Okay, not the best thing to eat in cold months I know, but cinema ice cream is the best. There’s usually plenty of choices in terms of flavors, and it’s unlikely to melt before you’ve finished eating it (before the trailers have even started). It’s also one of the least costly cinema foods and best tasting.

That's the most perfect bag of starmix I've ever seen.

3. Haribos

Everyone loves these. And the bags usually come in at under a pound each, and last a pretty good while. There’s also a huge selection, but if you’re short on time just go for starmix, because those are the undisputed best. I don’t think cinemas usually stock these, as they lean in favor of the other bagged snacks (up next) but they should be numerous and well priced at the nearby supermarket. And they can fit under most clothes, without being to visible, another plus.

These are the bags I mean.

2. Re-sealable bagged sweets (Minstrels, M&M’s etc.)

Yeah you know what I mean. Those attractive but expensive bags of all the popular branded sweets. M&M’s are undoubtedly the best value here, there’s loads of those things in one bag. Of course there’s plenty others to choose from including Dairy Milk Buttons and Galaxy Minstrels. I notice they are usually on offer too, at a reduced price if you buy two at once, so split with a friend, or if you’re like me, just buy two and eat them all before you’ve even got back to the cinema.

1. Butterkist Popcorn


My mouth is beginning to water.


One response to “Top Ten: Food to eat at the cinema

  1. The people who make noise or smell whilst eating in a cinema are selfish cretins. Watching a film involves being drawn into an imaginary world for a couple of hours. The more fully you’re drawn in the more successful the film experience will be. The bubble is burst by rustling packets and the stink of popcorn. This selfish behaviour vastly reduce the pleasure of other people. Why can’t these insensitive halfwits stuff their faces with shit before or after the film in the comfort of their own homes or in the street where they no doubt will leave their rubbish.

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