Review: Sympathy for Lady Vengeance

"Where my hammer?"

Lady Vengeance at first seems to be another brilliant addition to the Park chan-wook vengeance series, and it does include some unique and interesting characters, and the usual awesome little additions that you'd expect, but it's overtly confusing, and tries a little too hard which makes the story incredibly difficult to comprehend and the final few minutes of the film just make you say: "What.". I'll give this film 6... jerry cans... out of 10.

The Good:

  • Park Chan-wook adds his usual awesome flair, and at several points during the film you’re surprised by little touches that make his films great.
  • Great acting by Yeong-ae Lee and Min-Sik Choi, and I was surprised to see an appearance by other great Korean actor Song Kang-ho
  • On paper, the story is pretty interesting, and is unbelievable in a good way.

The Bad:

  • I found it very hard to follow. I don’t usually get confused by films as much as I did here. It moves too fast in some places, and too slow in others, which leaves you bored, then a few minutes later suddenly interesting again. The poor pacing just ruins whatever good is in the film by the end.
  • The ending was confusing and slow, which just made me want it to hurry up and end so I could be done with it, which is a shame because before that there where some good parts.
  • It feels like a bad Taratino film. You know, when he tries too hard with the directing and the style and editing just makes it fall flat on its face
  • It’s nowhere near as good as series companions Oldboy and Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance, which makes me even more bothered by the film’s inconsistency.

So, I would say there is something to be enjoyed in it, and some people who can follow complicated storylines easily, or even just someone with the ability to speak Korean will probably find it much better than I did. That said even if I did understand it I just don’t think it stands up to the originality of the previous two films as mentioned above. If you’re a fan of Park Chan-wook, any of the actors involved or just Korean film in general, then you probably should see it, even if just to say you have. Maybe you’ll enjoy it more on a second viewing too, if you can stand to sit through it again. Either way, it’s not really worth a buy, as there are many better films out there, and I’ve listen a few in my ‘Films Like: Oldboy‘ article, and the few at the bottom.

Similar films to Sympathy for Lady Vengeance: Oldboy, Sympathy for Mr.Vengeance, I Saw the Devil


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