Review: Ticking Clock (2011)

Cuba shows dedication to his role by growing a moustache.

I didn't expect much from this, but it was a genuinely good film. Cuba is awesome as usual, as are pretty much all of the other actors and actresses, and everything comes together for the most part. Despite the pretty bad last part of the film, i'd still like to rate this a bit higher than what I've seen it get, because if you look past the finale, it's actually really great and worth watching. I give it 8 snowdogs out of 10.

The Good:

  • The music. I really liked it. There was a lot of strings and big orchestra sounding music (probably made digitally, mind), but unlike lots of orchestral music it actually sounded unique, and had some really distinct sounds to it.
  • Great directing. Suspense, tension, flashbacks and mostly everything was handled really well for the low budget and low profile of this film. Genuinely impressed.
  • Good acting by the entire cast. The performances were all very believable, and Cuba as usual was an awesome lead.
  • The story had lots going for it, plenty of cool twists, with a few flaws, especially at the end, but it’s something to think about, and don’t let it impact what was otherwise a good film.
  • Setting/environment and lighting were really good. It gave me a ‘The Social Network‘ vibe almost, the coloring and lighting really added to the film in lots of ways.

The Bad:

  • I found it hard to believe and understand the last part of the story, I try not to let endings destroy films, because sometimes that’s what makes them even better, for me anyway, and there are obviously some plot holes, or maybe there aren’t. Once you’ve seen the film (because it IS worth watching) you’ll know what I’m talking about.
  • Some of the digital effects take you out of the experience. Not many effects overall, but when they were there they weren’t very believable.
  • Some may find a few of the scenes graphic. This might not bother you in the slightest, though.

Ticking Clock is a great film considering its low profile and budget, and really came across as a blockbuster, and I think it would have done well. I hope Cuba keeps getting roles because he is awfully underrated, and can carry films very well. I definitely recommend watching this film, I pretty much enjoyed it from start to finish. It never gets boring, and there are plenty of twists and variation and excitement. Worth buying for sure. I’d also like to note it’s far better than other recent Cuba effort ‘Sacrifice‘, which you could also watch if you’re a fan of Cuba.

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