Review: Faster

Just be glad he ain't Coming for YOU!

Dwayne Johnson plays as Driver (Seriously, thats the only name he is given) who is a Driver for bank robbery getaways. During a robbery with his Brother and other accomplices, which all goes well, a rival gang has had a tip off and has arrived at the safe-house to take their newly acquired money. Ends up that Driver's brother gets shot by the aforementioned gang and dies, which leads to Driver undertaking a revenge mission which inevitably attracts unwanted attention from Killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and Cop (Billy Bob Thornton) further increasing the difficulty of his mission. I give this 7/10 Rocks (See what I did there).

Good Points:

  • Unique way of addressing characters, I haven’t seen this before in a film since none of the 3 main characters are addressed by their actual names or even by there nicknames, not sure how they got away with that
  • Realism, Nobody in this film was pulling of crazy back flips dual wielding sub machine guns, Now however cool that may look, its nice to have some realistic gun fights in a film, like this.
  • Explains the story, which is nice even though it was pretty straightforward, the flashbacks helped.

Bad Points:

  • Story, It wasn’t the best structured story and while it had me thinking at point in the film, you could have probably guessed most of it from quite near the start.
  • Lack of emotion, While there was some emotion there wasn’t enough to fill me with emotions as well

All in all I quite liked this film, I wouldn’t really want to watch it again (at least not for a while) so I’d recommend this for a rental. There are probably a few other films out there that are like this but not many, I’d like to see another film of this kind but with a slightly better structured storyline. There are probably better films out there, but I wouldn’t pass it over, at least give it a watch.

Similar films to Faster: Repo Men, The Departed, A Prophet, The Machanic

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