Review: Salt

Looks like she's about to a-salt someone.

Salt is about a Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) a CIA agent who after being accused of being a Russian spy by a Defector, has to go on the run from the very people she works for. All in all I found this film to be quite enjoyable and the action scenes where choreographed with precision. I found Angelina played both sides of her character well, the CIA agent and the other side which impressed me and the story fit together perfectly and i felt that everything was explained to me. I give this 8 shakers out of 10.

Good Points:

  • Action scenes were awesome, which is important in an action film since if there where no action scenes, then it would be a pretty bad action film.
  • Story was explained, even if it was near the end I got pretty much everything and loose ends were tied up which is obviously very good.
  • No pointless gun fights lasting forever, and if there was any gun fights they ended pretty quickly and it switched back to hand-to-hand.

Bad points:

  • The start of the film, didn’t understand that one bit, but I suppose it was a pretty good entrance to the film, but didn’t really have a part.
  • That German Guy who didn’t do too much in the film, he seemed pretty pointless to me and all he did was rescue her from the what seems pointless scene in the beginning

You should watch this film if you enjoy a good action film and Angelina Delivers very well, kicking ass wherever she goes, making for great movie. Who ever wrote this out was pretty inventive and I didn’t suspect a thing until the very end and said ‘thing’ was totally unexpected and epic that my eyeballs slowly moved closer towards the screen in awe. I’d suggest watching this at the Cinema or DVD as you may want to watch it again.

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