Review: The King’s Speech

You've seen this image a thousand times... Sorry.

I found it hard to like a film that did so well in stealing all the awards it got nominated for, but looks so boring from what I've seen, but this film is pretty great. Great acting and all sorts of cool touches and dialogue make it a really good film, if somewhat predictable and too british for my taste. This film gets a fully deserved 8 shillings out of 10.

The Good:

  • Good acting, especially from the lead. It’s funny and sad and very believable, and he plays a great and well defined character.
  • Great dialogue and scenes. Lots of the dialogue and scenes were great, even if it did drag on towards the end, unfortunately.
  • Not too long. I hear there was an over 4 hour cut of this film. That wouldn’t have been a good watch. Great editing too, if that’s true, the film felt complete and full.
  • Setting, environment and costumes were all awesome. Fitted the film perfectly and really added to the experience. Though I wasn’t expecting the seemingly not so well off speech therapist to own some state of the art audio recording machine, still, it wasn’t too off putting.

The Bad:

  • Olden times Britain was pretty boring. It doesn’t interest me much in particular, but it does go to show how a great film can shine through no matter what you think of the setting.
  • When scenes went off from the main storyline and were discussing other parts of the king’s life (though they are probably completely¬†necessary) I lost interest and got bored easily, so it’s a good job there weren’t too many of them.

So. It goes without saying you should see this film. It won so many awards that anyone interested in film shouldn’t go without it. I recommend it no matter what you think of the setting or what you’ve seen of it, because it is undeniably good. Totally worth money, and is a must have for any film collection, as is every best picture winner really. Colin Firth was great. That’s all I can say.

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