Review: The Village

Oh look, Little yellow Riding Hood. Nah, doesn't sound right...

The film is about a small countryside village, who believe that their Truce with the mysterious creatures who occupy the surrounding forest, is coming to an end, which is due to a man named Lucius Hunt (Joaquin Phoenix), who seeks medical supplies from outside the village. I really enjoyed watching this film, the acting was quite up to par and it even threw in a few scares for some nice added effect! I give this 7/10 cottages!

Good Points:

  • Partial horror, which was good as it wasn’t absolutely all out scary, but they put some scary moments in just to shake you up a little which is always good.
  • Entire Story, that was well written and I didn’t expect anything big to happen, but right when i was least expecting it, they reveal Everything which was pretty mind blowing, very well thought out story.
  • Everyone speaks in a very formal manner, and avoids using shorter wording. Sounds like they are reading an English Book even though they are American.

Bad Points:

  • A Bit of bad acting by Bryce Dallas Howard, who plays Ivy walker. The point is that Ivy is blind, but half the time she doesn’t actual act blind and the only way you can really tell, is when she is sweeping her cane across the ground.
  • The ending is pretty abrupt, as there is no complications after a main scene. Nothing bad happens from there on.

The slight bad acting by Bryce doesn’t really pull the film down too much, its just that it confused me while watching wondering why she was staring into space some of the time. I also have to touch on how Lucius is pretty bad-ass in that film and frankly doesn’t care for the creatures at all, also pulls this pretty cool looking slow motion scene. I recommend you Rent this, then watch it twice as I enjoyed it thoroughly and I think you would too!

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Thanks for reading!


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