Review: I am Number Four

"This is my power? Flashlight Hands? Damn!"

The film is about an extraordinary young teenager named John (Alex Pettyfer) who with his Guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant) must hide his secret from the people who seek to destroy him. This film overall was quite Ok, the action scenes did have to make up for the pretty weak story, which they did a pretty decent job at. I give this 6/10 4s.

Good Points:

  • Action scenes made up for most of the bad storyline, but that can’t make up for a film with a terrible story, unfortunately for this film.
  • CGI Made the action scenes look good, which provided a boost to the experience.

Bad Points:

  • Lack of a decent storyline, which is always important to captivate the viewer, and make them want to keep on watching. Without it, it left me bored, and I can imagine someone wanting to leave halfway through viewing this film.
  • Some of the plot is very unbelievable, and there are many plot holes.
  • The film simply wasn’t directed and edited in an interesting fashion, and this made it even harder to sit through the whole thing.
  • I didn’t find any of the performances interesting in the slightest. This isn’t helped by the characters being uninteresting themselves.

I quite liked this film and although the story lacked imperative points which made me cringe slightly but wasn’t so bad that I cried. Also that the fact that nobody ran around screaming that there is some aliens/guy with superpowers wrecking stuff left, right and centre, and instead just started filming it and uploading to YouTube™. Also the internet plays a small part here as to be totally invisible, they need to be off the internet which isn’t actually a difficult task but does pose a problem. I’d suggest you rent this film, watching in the cinema is nice for the action scenes, but that isn’t really necessary.

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