Review: The Town

Indie police force.

The Town was possibly my favourite film of 2010. I simply found that it's story and directing were all tight and it all fitted together perfectly, with great acting from the entire cast. It was a pretty unique take on heist films, and combined The Departed's boston gangster action style with Heat's amazing shootout and robbery sequences. This film gets 9 dollars out of 10.

The Good:

  • Ben Affleck delivers on all fronts. Every part of this film is great in its own right, from the smooth and polished directing and editing to the sound and music. He did most all of the work on this film, and it’s way better than his previous effort Gone Baby Gone.
  • The acting was also immense. The ensemble cast all deliver great performances, and Affleck, Jeremy Renner and the late Pete Postlethwaite are outstanding in their roles.
  • The story is great, all the characters have their own stories, and there is plenty of suspense and tension throughout, problem after problem and a great finale and ending make it possibly the best story of 2010.
  • The gritty Boston setting is realistic and makes the film so much more brutal, this couples with the fantastic directing and incorporates many interesting shots and great transitions.

The Bad:

  • One or two relationships between characters were downplayed, which felt like a bad thing.
  • No incredibly original directorial efforts, but that really doesn’t detract much from the film.

This film is flat out awesome and is a must watch, probably for everyone. It’s a little violent, but not overly so like many films. It’s worth any money you throw at it, and I still think it should have at least had a shot at Best Picture at the Oscars, and it’s much better than The King’s Speech, in my opinion.

Similar films to The Town: The Departed, Heat, The Italian Job


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