Review: The Expendables

"I heard you were making an action movie?"

The Expendables is probably the best pure action film released in 2010. Why wouldn't it be? The all star cast and all out action make it a must see, even if it's not exactly a great and memorable film. I'd recommend you watch this just on the principle of what it is as a statement, just like Avatar from the previous year, it should be watched no matter how bad you think it's going to be. 7 skulls out of 10.

The Good:

  • The cast is phenomenal, definitely the biggest lure of the film, and rightfully so. You know them all already, and even Arnold Schwarzenegger, who should be busy doing politics or something, manages to cameo.
  • The action is awesome, there are plenty of moments that make you go ‘Woah’ and it’s all pulled off perfectly and choreographed like a ballet.
  • The ‘actors’ do a good job of playing who they are, without sounding stupid or making you cringe at all of their lines, which is a pretty big achievement for a film that could be so easily susceptible to this fault.
  • It doesn’t drag on too long, and I didn’t get bored at many points during the film. Maybe one or two sequences could have been shortened, but then that would give people even more excuse to hate on the film’s action centric plot.

The Bad:

  • It doesn’t leave much of a memorable impact, and has not too much going for it in terms of style, aside from the gritty locations and some decent camera work, which doesn’t help it in the places it needs it the most.
  • Some characters could have gotten a little more screen time, two in particular, I think you know who. Maybe he’s saving them for a sequel? No. Don’t make a sequel, don’t make a fool of yourself, Sly. (I understand it was probably impossible for the two characters to get more screen time.)
  • Music… Where was it? or more appropriately: Why was it so bad?

So this film is more than likely worth watching, should you not have done so yet. It’s great for action fans, and especially if you recognize some of the names in the cast. I’d also like to add that it’s probably worth watching just for Arnold’s cameo, (no, that’s what youtube was invented for). Worth buying on disc? If you liked it the first time round, and you want some cool special features from behind the scenes, this is probably one of those films where it’s cool to see what went on like that.

Similar films to The Expendables: The Terminator (series), Rocky, The A-team, Taken, Predator


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