News Roundup: 7th March 2011

This weeks news in a quick roundup, miss anything between now and the last week of february?

  • Some brand new X-Men: First Class posters have surfaced (here). They are looking pretty good. I have high hopes for this film, but I’m more excited for The Wolverine, but roll on June 2nd!

Artist's impression.

  • Men in Black 3 is getting a once over by David Koepp, he can be credited with bringing the original’s script to the fruition, as well as upping the game of many other films, including Spider-Man (great) and Jurassic Park (decent). I’m gonna call it and say this can only be a good thing. [more]

No one will ever replace Harrison in our hearts... except a replicant.

  • Have you been wanting more Sci-Fi cyberpunk goodness in the form of a Blade Runner sequel? Neither have I, but apparently Warner Bros thinks otherwise, as they are going to get the rights to the IP soon, and they’ll be able to make any sequel, prequel or spinoff they see fit. You know what they can’t do though? Remake the original (thank god).

ella -ella -ella -ella eh eh


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