Review: Equilibrium

I love The Matrix!

Equilibrium is a very good film. There's the action, there's the setting, there's the story and the characters... they are all fantastically well realized and in many ways better than some of the films people claim it has copied from. It's a fully enjoyable film, not too long and not too short, and is absolutely worth a watch. 8 Keanu's out of 10.

The Good:

  • The action scenes. Wow. Not often are they as great as they are in this film, and they could possibly be considered some of the greatest of all time alongside films like Hard Boiled and The Matrix.
  • Great acting by Christian Bale as usual, although his character is slightly plain, which does kind of fit in with the film itself.
  • The setting, design and feel of the film are all really spectacular, aside from a few iffy CGI sequences and maybe a few unrealistic looking matte paintings the film is stunning, and is one of the most well realized dystopian style settings that has ever been made.
  • The story is perfect for the film. Lots of sequences are extremely tense, and there are lots of surprises throughout the film. Though some complain it’s a little plain, i’d rather think of it as the perfect canvas for painting the picture of this futuristic world and the characters within.

The Bad:

  • Some of the CGI and effects look unrealistic. Some on the other hand look great. It’s not the few bad ones that leave the film at a disadvantage, it’s the stark and bewildering contrast between the different qualities. I kind of found this interesting, but it will definitely ruin the story for some.
  • The story could admittedly use a little sharpening with more profound twists or adding a few more unique characters, you could probably think of a few in your head after watching, I can’t understand why they’d miss it, but maybe it stopped the story from getting to crowded.
  • I didn’t even remember Sean Bean‘s character until reading over the details afterwards, he could have had a bigger role, that said, he’s not a very good actor in the first place.

Equilibrium is a finely made film, and is very under-looked considering just how good, and big in scale, it is. I can’t say I’d heard of it before maybe only a few days ago, but it impressed me quite a lot. It’s definitely worth watching in high definition, so you can get the most of the detailed and fluent action, and the impressive views that come around periodically. It’s also definitely a must-see if you’re a fan of Christian Bale.

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