Review: Skyline


Remote controlled planes? Oh well, at least we tried.

Skyline, yet another Average Alien invasion film you may think, and you are pretty much correct. Not to much different here, just take the story from any other Alien invasion film and plant it in this. This film for me was pretty ok, I was pretty impressed by the use of CGI and the ending but thats really about it, Until someone comes up with another type of Alien invasion, this isn't doing it too much for me. I give this 6/10 Nissan skylines!

Good Points:

  • CGI Sequences were very good and impressed me. Usually you would expect the same thing, but this gave me a new sight into it, although it looked a bit similar to independence day…
  • The Ending, which was quite good and unexpected, the way they tied it in with the film was pretty good aswell

Bad Points:

  • Has pretty much the same story line as the rest of the Alien Invasion stories, although we are left with a cliff hanger, and a pretty big one at that
  • Slow paced, slow paced for me anyway, the action was quite Ok but even that was pretty slow, the flight scene sped things up a bit, but it slowly returned back to where it was

All in all an Ok Invasion film, not the best out their, but certainly not the worst out there. I suggest watching this if you like a decent Alien Invasion film, and can’t be bothered to go watch one of the older ones. It does seem like a nice refresher to the Genre and adding a little life into it.

Films Like Skyline: Independence day (1996), War of the Worlds (1953 / 2005), Cloverfield (2008)


4 responses to “Review: Skyline

  1. ok im logged in but im still struggling to post just commenting to give you an up date ,if you get thisread comment today you know my password could you give it a try ,i will also be back on later to give it another try. thanks

  2. ok water world is done when you get the chance have a look tell me what you think, and if you like it but i have to mention i didnt have much time. ill explain in more detail next time i see you thanks

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