Hey FilmFueled fans, I’m the websites third reviewer. This is my first post, so hope you enjoy and let’s hope there’s more to come!

Waterwold has a unique post apocalyptic setting. Instead of following the same old genre of a “classic apocalypse” with the same old storyline virus, infection or zombie takeover. Waterwold takes a different route, due to human error the polar ice caps have melted causing the whole world to become submerged is water and dry land has become nothing but a myth causing the human race to adapt and even mutate. Marnier (Kevin Costner) is the hero trying to survive dehydration and starvation ,as he is hunted down by a gang called the smokers believing that one of Marnier “friends” has the location of dry land! With great cast and storyline with amazing special effects for its time ive just got to give it 9 out of 10.

Good points

  • Great storyline that grips you to the end
  • Great CGI for its time quite impressive when you look at the films we have today.
  • Enjoyable and enough laughs to keep a school child happy

Bad points

  • Some of the action scenes are completely unrealistic and down right well……. a bit daft
  • The reason for the world being submerged is not very well explained

Overall I really enjoyed this film plenty of laughs and a lot of action, I would definitely recommend this film for people who enjoy post apocalyptic films with a fresh new twist I am defiantly gonna tell my friends about it despite its age its still got to be one of my all time favourite film so enjoy!


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