Review: Source Code

Source Code is a solidly cool film, with a great performance by the cast, especially Jake Gyllenhaal. It is a pretty good sc-fi film, and though it won’t leave as much an impression as inception, it’s very similar, but much smaller in scale. It’s a very well rounded film for being just 90 minutes long, which is good for preventing boredom.

The Good:

  • Great acting by the entire cast, and it’s all mostly believable.
  • Excellent style and some great shots, there is a lot of great unique things you might notice, and you can tell what Duncan Jones was thinking when he was directing.
  • The science behind the technology is a little more believable to your average (non-scientist) human, despite what people might say, and bear in mind this is Sci-Fi, so you shouldn’t expect the writer to be inventing things from the future for the script.
  • It’s short, but not too short. There are no boring parts to the film, and lots of things to think about.
  • A nice fair amount of humor throughout.

The Bad:

  • The ending is a little messy, and leaves you a bit baffled. I still don’t understand how some things worked out the way they did.
  • The setting was a little small, and made the film feel very small scale, which leaves it looking and feeling inferior to a film like inception.

Worth watching, without doubt. Though there’s no real benefit to watching it in the cinema, if you’re a fan of small scale sci-fi or time travel, things like this, you’ll enjoy it, and you should also check it out if you liked moon. Lots of good things in this film, and it’s the sum of it’s parts, it doesn’t amount to something outstanding though, and will probably not make much of an impact like others.


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