Review: Pirates of the Carribean 4: On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is very fun to watch and very enjoyable, if only for its visuals and setting which paint an amazing picture that keeps you enthralled throughout the film despite its faults. 7/10 mayne.

The good:

  • The setting/visuals are amazing, and it looks unbelievably realistic and amazing. Despite this film having a lower budget than the last, it still looks like a fantasy realm brought to life, and coupled with the characters and other factors the film brings forward a fantastic world of pirates and fantasy stuff.
  • The characters are for the most part well defined, and many great ideas went in to them, and the actors playing them did a great job as usual, including newcomers Penelope Cruz and Ian Mcshane.
  • There’s some cool sub plots that keep things interesting, and help carry the film onwards despite its lackluster main storyline.

The Bad:

  • Well I mentioned it a few times already but the main story line of the film is pretty bland an uninteresting, it’s something anybody could have come up with, but I suppose in the end it is an ideal blank canvas to paint with the great world and characters, which helps them stand out a little more, although their intentions aren’t very concentrated in a single good/evil direction.
  • The ending scene is forced as hell and really unnecessary, and you’ll know what I mean when you watch it.
  • It’s the fourth pirates film, and perhaps the worst one yet, you are better of watching the other three (again if you have already seen them) and after doing that, are you really interested in another? Seeing as the story isn’t great, you are just coming to get a feeling for the world and characters, which you will have already gotten plenty of on top of the stories. But if you really are curious enough then you should probably try it.

I enjoyed the film a lot despite its flaws and it made me a lot more interested in seeing the past Pirates films and many other similar fantasy films/games/books, and it really made me like the world and characters, and reminded me about just how good they were from past films, so I’d say it is definitely worth a shot, and if you already own the previous 3, why not add it to your collection?



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