Review: Skyline


Remote controlled planes? Oh well, at least we tried.

Skyline, yet another Average Alien invasion film you may think, and you are pretty much correct. Not to much different here, just take the story from any other Alien invasion film and plant it in this. This film for me was pretty ok, I was pretty impressed by the use of CGI and the ending but thats really about it, Until someone comes up with another type of Alien invasion, this isn't doing it too much for me. I give this 6/10 Nissan skylines!

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Review: Moon

Working on the moon is tiring work, why don't you take a seat Sam?

Directors Father

Moon is a film about a moon base, with only one worker. Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell). And with his Computer companion GERTY (Kevin Spacey) they work to harvest the moons supply of energy. While he is there though, he has a little, accident. Which leads him to discover a few things about the base, leading to a confrontation with something familiar. I totally Loved this film, the acting by Sam Rockwell was absolutely immense, and quite emotional as I almost cried at one point. I give this 8/10 David Bowies (you'll get it)

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Review: I am Number Four

"This is my power? Flashlight Hands? Damn!"

The film is about an extraordinary young teenager named John (Alex Pettyfer) who with his Guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant) must hide his secret from the people who seek to destroy him. This film overall was quite Ok, the action scenes did have to make up for the pretty weak story, which they did a pretty decent job at. I give this 6/10 4s.

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Review: The Village

Oh look, Little yellow Riding Hood. Nah, doesn't sound right...

The film is about a small countryside village, who believe that their Truce with the mysterious creatures who occupy the surrounding forest, is coming to an end, which is due to a man named Lucius Hunt (Joaquin Phoenix), who seeks medical supplies from outside the village. I really enjoyed watching this film, the acting was quite up to par and it even threw in a few scares for some nice added effect! I give this 7/10 cottages!

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Review: Salt

Looks like she's about to a-salt someone.

Salt is about a Evelyn Salt (Angelina Jolie) a CIA agent who after being accused of being a Russian spy by a Defector, has to go on the run from the very people she works for. All in all I found this film to be quite enjoyable and the action scenes where choreographed with precision. I found Angelina played both sides of her character well, the CIA agent and the other side which impressed me and the story fit together perfectly and i felt that everything was explained to me. I give this 8 shakers out of 10.

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Review: Faster

Just be glad he ain't Coming for YOU!

Dwayne Johnson plays as Driver (Seriously, thats the only name he is given) who is a Driver for bank robbery getaways. During a robbery with his Brother and other accomplices, which all goes well, a rival gang has had a tip off and has arrived at the safe-house to take their newly acquired money. Ends up that Driver's brother gets shot by the aforementioned gang and dies, which leads to Driver undertaking a revenge mission which inevitably attracts unwanted attention from Killer (Oliver Jackson-Cohen) and Cop (Billy Bob Thornton) further increasing the difficulty of his mission. I give this 7/10 Rocks (See what I did there).

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Review: Toy Story 3

How could they have left? At best they would have made it to the next block, unless they "borrow" a car again like before.

Toy Story 3 is a worthy edition to the franchise... and luckily didn't ruin it, because it did stand a big chance, and had high standards to meet. But luckily the characters, story and animation make it a great film, possibly better than the previous 2, and it's worth watching no matter how old or young you are. I give it 8 potatoes out of 10.

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