Review: Source Code

Source Code is a solidly cool film, with a great performance by the cast, especially Jake Gyllenhaal. It is a pretty good sc-fi film, and though it won’t leave as much an impression as inception, it’s very similar, but much smaller in scale. It’s a very well rounded film for being just 90 minutes long, which is good for preventing boredom. Continue reading

Review: Skyline


Remote controlled planes? Oh well, at least we tried.

Skyline, yet another Average Alien invasion film you may think, and you are pretty much correct. Not to much different here, just take the story from any other Alien invasion film and plant it in this. This film for me was pretty ok, I was pretty impressed by the use of CGI and the ending but thats really about it, Until someone comes up with another type of Alien invasion, this isn't doing it too much for me. I give this 6/10 Nissan skylines!

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Review: Equilibrium

I love The Matrix!

Equilibrium is a very good film. There's the action, there's the setting, there's the story and the characters... they are all fantastically well realized and in many ways better than some of the films people claim it has copied from. It's a fully enjoyable film, not too long and not too short, and is absolutely worth a watch. 8 Keanu's out of 10.

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