Review: Moon

Working on the moon is tiring work, why don't you take a seat Sam?

Directors Father

Moon is a film about a moon base, with only one worker. Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell). And with his Computer companion GERTY (Kevin Spacey) they work to harvest the moons supply of energy. While he is there though, he has a little, accident. Which leads him to discover a few things about the base, leading to a confrontation with something familiar. I totally Loved this film, the acting by Sam Rockwell was absolutely immense, and quite emotional as I almost cried at one point. I give this 8/10 David Bowies (you'll get it)

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Review: K-Pax

That's one cool dude.

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K-Pax stars Jeff Bridges as Dr. Mark Powell, a mental psychiatrist who takes in a very interesting patient. The opening scene shows a subway, with Kevin Spacey standing in front of godlike rays of light, playing (what might be) an alien called Prot (pronounced Pr-oat). He witnesses someone steal an old woman’s purse, and as he tries to help her up a police officer mistakenly assumes he is the perpetrator, luckily a kind homeless man clears up this suspicion, but Prot’s answers to the officers questions are unusual and cryptic, so he ends up finding himself as Mark’s latest patient, and the story rolls on from there. Continue reading