Review: Fast Five (Fast & Furious 5)

It gets a big rock out of 10.

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Review: Springtime (Ggotpineun Bomi Omyeon)

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Min-Sik and Sin-yeong

I was interested in this film for 2 things: Choi Min-Sik, excellent south Korean actor who has appeared in quite a few great films, and is always fun to watch, and my interest in music. The story follows Hyeon-Woo, a musician, talented saxophone and trumpet player as well as composer, who is sick of life in the city and moves to a rural mining town Dogye, taking up a job placement as a music teacher at the local high school. When he gets there, he eventually finds the class who are of poor skill level and not technically proficient in the slightest, and ends up leading them and teaching them to see if they can win a national high school music contest. Continue reading