Review: Pirates of the Carribean 4: On Stranger Tides

Pirates of the Caribbean 4 is very fun to watch and very enjoyable, if only for its visuals and setting which paint an amazing picture that keeps you enthralled throughout the film despite its faults. 7/10 mayne. Continue reading


Review: Equilibrium

I love The Matrix!

Equilibrium is a very good film. There's the action, there's the setting, there's the story and the characters... they are all fantastically well realized and in many ways better than some of the films people claim it has copied from. It's a fully enjoyable film, not too long and not too short, and is absolutely worth a watch. 8 Keanu's out of 10.

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Review: I am Number Four

"This is my power? Flashlight Hands? Damn!"

The film is about an extraordinary young teenager named John (Alex Pettyfer) who with his Guardian Henri (Timothy Olyphant) must hide his secret from the people who seek to destroy him. This film overall was quite Ok, the action scenes did have to make up for the pretty weak story, which they did a pretty decent job at. I give this 6/10 4s.

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Review: The Town

Indie police force.

The Town was possibly my favourite film of 2010. I simply found that it's story and directing were all tight and it all fitted together perfectly, with great acting from the entire cast. It was a pretty unique take on heist films, and combined The Departed's boston gangster action style with Heat's amazing shootout and robbery sequences. This film gets 9 dollars out of 10.

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Review: 127 hours

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Review: 127 hours


This is what happens when you’re forced to drink your own urine… for the sixth time over.

At first glance the film 127 hours doesn’t amount to much, it looks like it’d be just another hands-over-your-eyes gimmicky kind of film, like Frozen or Buried, which place the protagonist (if that’s what you’d call them) in some sort of situation where they are trapped, and see how they deal with escaping, along with all the problems and horrors that come with it. If you pay a little more attention when reading about 127 hours, you’d notice the director attached to the film, Danny Boyle. Boyle is a fairly famous director, and has directed many popular films like as 28 days later and Sunshine (the latter isn’t that great though) and a few others of note. The film doesn’t have much of a cast so to speak of, but the main role of Aron Ralston is taken by James Franco, most famous for acting in Spider-Man, who does some great acting in this film, and probably has got a career ahead of him. Continue reading