Review: Moon

Working on the moon is tiring work, why don't you take a seat Sam?

Directors Father

Moon is a film about a moon base, with only one worker. Sam Bell (Sam Rockwell). And with his Computer companion GERTY (Kevin Spacey) they work to harvest the moons supply of energy. While he is there though, he has a little, accident. Which leads him to discover a few things about the base, leading to a confrontation with something familiar. I totally Loved this film, the acting by Sam Rockwell was absolutely immense, and quite emotional as I almost cried at one point. I give this 8/10 David Bowies (you'll get it)

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Review: 2001: A Space Odyssey

The greatest scene in film history.

This is a film that cannot be defined with a single word. But if I had to try, I think i'd go with 'Monumental'. There is absolutely no excuse to not watch this film. Ahead of it's time by decades, why do we have stupid films like Avatar when a film about 100 times more intellectually mature and massive in scale was created 40 years ago? I'll leave that one to you. 10 monoliths out of 10.

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